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Artículo No.15 PRESS TV 'Egyptian revolution not completed yet'

Mon Feb 14, 2011 12:26AM
The Egyptian revolution has not come to a conclusion yet and people should continue protests to press their demand for a civilian government, a political analyst says.

Ali al-Ahmad, the director of IGA in Washington, told Press TV on Sunday that "it is too early to say that the revolution has succeeded" since it has not brought ousted President Hosni Mubarak and his people to justice yet.

Al-Ahmad said the main obstacle that is still present is the state of emergency that has been in place since Mubarak came to power nearly thirty years ago.

The analyst added that though Mubarak has left, his property has not been confiscated and his cronies are still in power which can form a "military dictatorship" unless people elect a government.

"The military is ruling the country without any supervision and there is no guarantee that will continue to be so for years," he said.

Al-Ahmad said that Egypt's new day will begin when the constitution is re-written and approved by the people and a government that is "responsible for people" is formed.

He warned the leaders of the revolution that the military is conducting a conspiracy to "steal the revolution" and asked people to continue their demands by holding demonstrations every Friday.

The Egyptian military that assumed power following Mubarak's ouster has dissolved the parliament and suspended the constitution.

The military has announced that it would stay in power for six months before a civilian government is elected.

Thousands of protesters, who doubted a rapid transition to democracy, streamed into Cairo's Liberation Square on Sunday, saying they will not quit unless their demands are met. 

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