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ARTÍCULO No.13 Quelles relations entre militaires US et militaires égyptiens ?

12/02/2011 - Ouverture libre 
L’armée assurant aujourd’hui le contrôle de l’Egypte et les USA assurant depuis longtemps le contrôle de l’Egypte, il est intéressant de rassembler tous les éléments décrivant les relations actuelles entre militaires US et militaires égyptiens. On en a une vue partielle dans un extrait d’un article du New York Times du 10 février 2011.
«…But Obama's message has come off as mixed, and the administration's attempts to distance itself from the Egyptian government may have come at a price. While administration officials described an open line of communication between the two governments when the protests began, there are signs that the line now appears to have closed down considerably.
»In recent days, senior Pentagon officials have largely been out of contact with their Egyptian counterparts. On Thursday afternoon, a senior defense official said Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates last spoke with the Egyptian minister of defense, Field Marshal Mohamed Tantawi, six days ago. Five days have passed since Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, last spoke to his Egyptian counterpart, a senior military official said.
»Late last week, the Pentagon quietly put out a call asking U.S. military officers who might have attended an American war college with an Egyptian officer to call or e-mail their counterpart. The U.S. officers weren't told to deliver any specific message. “Really the calls were all about maintaining connections,” said the senior military official.
»The lack of communication comes at a particularly volatile moment, as Egypt's military leadership weighs whether to assert itself on the streets in support of Mubarak or push him aside.»

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