lunes, 28 de febrero de 2011

Artículo No. 19. 20.2.11

Michele Bachmann Scores Highest on Immigration
An organization lobbying for a tougher stance on illegal immigration has rated 10 potential Republican candidates for president in 2012 — and only Michele Bachmann rates as high as a B-minus.
NumbersUSA grades the candidates based on 12 factors, including opposition to amnesty for illegals, support for punishing employers who hire undocumented immigrants, willingness to fund and implement border security measures, support for ending birthright citizenship, and opposition to current high immigration levels.
“The 12 categories on this grid deal with the vast majority of problems with current immigration policies that grant more than 1 million permanent work visas to immigrants each year, and which allow an estimated 7 million jobs in construction, service, manufacturing and transportation to be filled by illegal foreign workers,” the organization states on its website.
“These policies also drive the majority of additional demands on the physical, social and natural infrastructures of the country, since new immigrants and births to immigrants account for more than three-quarters of the 30 million additional people added to the U.S. population growth each decade.”
President Barack Obama got the lowest rating, F-minus, with an “Abysmal” mark in several categories, including opposition to amnesty and legalization of undocumented aliens.
Among the Republican hopefuls, Chris Christie got an F grade. Haley Barbour, Newt Gingrich, and Sarah Palin received a D-minus rating. Palin was applauded with an “Excellent” mark for her position on securing the borders, but was graded “Unhelpful” in the majority of categories.
Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee were graded D. Ron Paul and John Thune got a C-minus, and Tim Pawlenty rated a C-plus.
Boosting Bachmann to a B-minus were “Excellent” marks for her opposition to amnesty, support for local law enforcement, and her calls for securing the borders and ending birthright citizenship.
The ratings “are not report cards on past actions, which matter but not as much as what these politicians now say in the news media or on official websites,” NumbersUSA says.
“These grades and ratings are about what a hopeful says a president should do about immigration.”

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