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Artículo No. 18 Europe divided over Libya mission

Divisions arise between coalition carrying out military action and other world powers over UN-sanctioned operation.
Last Modified: 21 Mar 2011 
Meanwhile in Germany, Guido Westerwelle, the country's foreign minster, speaking inBrussels, defended his country's decision not to back air raids against Gaddafi's forces.
He said that the Arab League criticism of the air attacks had vindicated Germany's reluctance to back the action, but that Germany stood with other European Union countries in tightening sanctions against the Libyan government.
Mundo Árabe(seis petromonarquías del CCG)
March 22, 2011
Saudi Emir Turki al-Faisal, director of the King Faisal Center for Islamic Research and former ambassador to Washington, has called for a conference in Abu Dhabi to make the Gulf Cooperation Council more like the European Union, and to create a united “Gulf” army, Al-Watan reported March 22. Al-Faisal said other nations must be prevented from forcing their agendas on Saudi Arabia to weaken its military power. Saudi Arabia should be able to obtain nuclear weapons if it fails in its effort to persuade Iran from abandoning its nuclear program, according to al-Faisal.

,Unión Africana,Organización de la conferencia Islámica

Mayores apoyos en Latinoamérica que con los 22 países miembros de la Liga Árabe.


Algeria: Airstrikes On Libya Disproportionate - FM

March 22, 2011
Algerian Foreign Minister Mourad Medelci said Western-led airstrikes against Libya are a disproportionate response and could worsen the situation in the North African country, BBC News reported March 22.

Peso de Turquía e Irán.

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