martes, 5 de abril de 2011

Artículo No. 16 Al Babawa News Israel expects the imminent fall of three Arab leaders 21.3.11 Israeli newspapers on Monday predicted the escalation of protests in Syria during the next few days, pointing out that the repressive response by the Syrian regime against the popular revolution will strengthen demonstration movement.

The Yediot Aharonot newspaper, citing Israeli intelligence sources, expects the fall of the Syrian regime during the upcoming days, especially with the continued use of violence against demonstrators. It added that the Syrian youth showed a strong rejection towards the regime. Israel claims the Syrian regime uses now the Iranian security services in the suppression of the demonstrations, especially since these Iranian elements are the most experienced in the suppression of popular demonstrations and protest movements.
Another Israeli newspaper Israel Today noted that at the same time the regimes in Yemen andLibya are expected to collapse in the near future. It said the fall of President Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen is expected during the next days or even next hours, especially after senior military officers joined the Revolution Youth.
Regarding Libya, the newspaper said that some of the top Israeli intelligence chiefs expect the fall ofMoammar Gaddafi. However, this fall in Libya can take a longer period compared to Yemen in light of the tribal complexities in Libya.

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