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The Shia Crescent is a geo-political term used to describe a region of the Middle East where the majority population is Shi'a, or where there is a strong Shi'a minority in the population. It has been used to describe the potential for cooperation among these areas in Middle Eastern politics. The corresponding term is especially common in German, where it is known as Schiitischer Halbmond ("shia halfmoon"). This term was coined[1] by Abdullah II, king of Jordan, after which it became popular in political debates.
The nations where Shi'a Muslims form a dominant majority are AzerbaijanIranBahrain and Iraq, a plurality inLebanon
 and large minorities in TurkeyAfghanistan,Pakistan
KuwaitSaudi ArabiaIndiaUAE, and Syria. The shape of these countries put together does in fact resemble a crescent moon or a half moon (see map).
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